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August 6, 2017 by andrewd

Welcome to

We are the fastest growing internet site for property owners to place their available spaces and begin earning money. Our account Managers from all over the globe can begin earning great income by teaming up with InnLinkr.

Take a look and see if this sales opportunity is something you would lke to apply for!

In 2 minutes and we will show you a new career as an account manager

make your career at and earn what you are worth!

As an account manager at you will explain our service to hotels, B&B, Apartelles, beach houses, condo property owners and others.

You will be showing them how to earn easier by renting their available spaces by placing their property on for ……….. FREE!

We compete with expedia,, and others and deliver excellent specialized support to our property owners through you.

You create your success stories at and we are here to see that you are successful.

What you receive as an Approved Account Manager

We provide you sales support information to present our service in a professional manner.

A Tablet, business cards, internet access (as needed), explainer video for your prospective clients, binder and our branded shirt for


How it works!



It’s simple you get property owners to list their properties on every night a room is booked using at a hotel you register as their account manager you receive a commission!

Think of it, every hotel or property that you are the account manager for you receive a commission.

The more hotels/properties you manage (up to 50) you receive commissions on those bookings.

Imagine the earning potential if you become the registering account manager of just 10 modest size hotels with 30 rooms each.

That is 300 available rooms to be booked each night of the month for 30 nights. So with only 10 hotels that is 9000 nights available to book.

Let me show you why is the career of choice for so many determined capable salespeople today all around the globe.

See how working for and adding hotel/property accounts can be financially rewarding while offering great value to the hotel accounts you will create and Manage.

Here is an example of 3 midsize hotels

Hotels Number of rooms Available rooms to book per month (30 nights X available rooms) Average cost per Night Nights booked via

(ex: 10% of available rooms)

Monthly Account Manager Commission
Hotel 1 30 900 $100.00 90 Nights $270.00
Hotel 2 30 900 $50.00 90 Nights $135.00
Hotel 3 30 900 $150.00 90 Nights $405.00


That is $810.00 a month with booking 10% of available rooms on 3 small hotels. Imagine the earning potential when you acquire 10 property accounts, 20 properties up to 50 properties! The larger the hotels or properties the larger the potential commissions.

As the account manager you acquire the accounts and have the accounts list their available type rooms at We put you our trusted account managers in the forefront to assist you in achieving your professional and financial goals. You will be managing accounts to ensure that they receive the highest level of service and support at

Apply today with your resume to and begin truly earning to your potential!

Register on our site to see the tools available to you. You can track bookings on the hotels you register. We are 100% transparent so you will always know your confirmed earnings.

Once you have been selected and you can show that you can generate property bookings you will be brought in as an associate account sales member.

We are hiring in the following regions today!


Manila, Philippines

Makati, Philippines

Puerto Gallera, Philippines

Boracay, Philippines

Cebu, Philippines

Bangkok, Thailand

Puckett, Thailand

Honolulu, Hawaii

Miami, Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

San Francisco, California

Hong Kong Territory

Tokyo, Japan

Yokohama, Japan

Osaka, Japan

Nagoya, Japan

Sapparo, Japan

Seoul, Korea

Andong, Korea

Pohang, Korea

Chuncheon, Korea

Incheon, Korea

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